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Sharing our messages on Social Media. 


CONTACT YOUR LOCAL member of Parliament 

Let your local MP know that you support dying with dignity and their support will make a difference to who you'll vote for in the next election.


Consider becoming a member of Dying with Dignity. You can join on our BECOME A MEMBER page.

Make a DONATion

DWDWA depends a great deal on donations and bequests, which it can legally accept. These gifts help finance costs and enable us to continue our important work. DWDWA has recently achieved Deductible Gift Recipient status, so all donations are now tax deductible. 

To donate you can:

  • Do a bank deposit or electronic funds transfer to - DWDWA - BSB: 306-188, Account no: 0258370. Please include your name when depositing. Please contact us if you require a receipt. 
  • Mail a cheque payable to: DWDWA, PO Box 7243, Cloisters Square, Perth, WA 6850

One of the best ways to donate to DWDWA is to remember us in your Will. You can make a Bequest in your Will without making a new Will by signing a short Codicil.

A Codicil is a simple legal form to make minor changes or additions to an existing Will. Once a Codicil has been signed and witnessed, it becomes part of the Will that it is amending. 

For more complex changes to your Will, it is much safer (and recommended) that you re-write your Will to ensure your intentions are clear.

There is no need to change your Will or Codicil if you change your address. An old address can still be used to identify you. Don’t hand-write any change of address on your Will – it’s not necessary and it will invalidate your Will.

A Codicil must be typed, signed, dated and witnessed in accordance with the same formalities required to make a Will. If you fail to follow this, the changes you intend to make will not be effective and you increase the likelihood of your Will being contested or declared invalid. Your Codicil needs to be signed and witnessed in exactly the same manner: you and your witnesses need to sign every page and your witnesses need to watch you sign your signature. Your witnesses need to be independent, that is, they must NOT be beneficiaries of your Will or Codicil and should not be related to you. They do not have to be the same witnesses that signed your Will. Wills and Codicils do not need to be lodged, just kept in a safe place. If you have a Codicil, make sure you attach it and keep it with your Will. It is also a good idea to tell your family members and Executor of your Will where you keep the Will and Codicil.

Again, it is much better to “revoke” (or cancel) your existing Will and make an entirely new one if your changes are extensive, to avoid any confusion. Please remember: you should NEVER change your Will by handwriting changes, making notes or striking out any gifts or bequests. 
Do not write on your Will – it will invalidate it!


Codicil to Will