Anne Fraser - "Why this campaign is important to me"

My name is Anne and I want to share my story with you.

My mother died a horrific death. She had lung cancer that had metastasized to many internal organs. Worst of all her bones and joints were breaking down, almost dissolving, and she had small painful cancerous lumps on her scalp. She was in so much pain that I could not hold her in my arms to comfort her as she died.

It is heartbreaking to remember her suffering.

Her anguish and inability to pass away peacefully would not have happened if voluntary assisted dying had been available.

That is why Dying with Dignity’s campaign to increase funding for palliative care, legislate voluntary assisted dying and promote advance health directives is so important to me.

I believe everyone should have a choice when faced with unimaginable suffering at the end of life.

That includes me. I have breast cancer and have every hope that my treatment will work. However, if my treatment does not work, I am terrified of suffering an unspeakable death like my mother’s.