We are an advocacy group. The greater the size of our membership base, the stronger our political clout, and the more likely we are to get a change in the law to end suffering at end-of-life in Western Australia. Any support you are able to provide, whether by becoming a member, by responding to calls for action or by submitting a donation or bequest is welcome. 


Membership is open to all adult Western Australians, regardless of religion, culture or ethnic background, who support DWDWA's objects.

Our membership year runs from 1st of July to 30th of June. To become a member of DWDWA simply fill out our membership form electronically below.

Alternatively you download and print the form and post it - Membership Application Form:

For any queries on your membership, contact Gaye Harvey on

Every new member receives an Advance Health Directive form, a Wallet Card and a copy of our last newsletter, DWDWA NEWS. If you do not want to be a member you can still get an AHD form and an alert card form by sending your request, together with a small donation to cover printing and postage costs, to the above address and the directives will be forwarded to you. 


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