Our Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Our Autumn 2021 Newsletter aims to bring everyone up-to-date with the latest information about voluntary assisted dying laws in Western Australia as well as developments from across Australia and around the world.

In his President's Report, Steve Walker reminds members about the General Meeting of DWDWA on Wednesday 26 May 2021, notifies all supporters of the upcoming workshops and asks for feedback on the future of the organisation post the implementation date of July 1, 2021. He also provides reports on the latest developments from interstate and overseas, including the very exciting news that Tasmania has become the third Australian state to pass voluntary assisted dying laws.

Dinny Laurence reports on DWDWA's workshops about voluntary assisted dying and other end of life choices as well as the latest information from the VAD Implementation Leadership Team.

There is also a Special Feature written by Dr Richard Lugg titled 'The practicalities of dying' and Gail Wyatt asks "Where to from here with VAD?"

Click to download – DWDWA Autumn 2021 Newsletter