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On Tuesday 10 December 2019 the Government's Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill cleared its final parliamentary hurdle making Western Australian the second state after Victoria to legalise voluntary assisted dying for the terminally ill.

The VAD Bill had to return to the lower house because of amendments made in the upper house. The Bill passed the upper house by 24 votes to 11 in the upper house on Thursday 5 December 2019. It took five hours for the Legislative Assembly to work its way through all 55 upper house amendments but all were passed unopposed. 

The passing of the VAD Bill ended a long and emotionally challenging parliamentary debate that ran for more than 180 hours in total.


Western Australians were encouraged to "Get Involved" throughout the campaign. The information on this page has been left on the website as an archive so other states who have yet to debate their own VAD Bills can see the benefit of a grassroots campaign.


On the night of Tuesday 24 September 2019 the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill passed by 45 votes to 11 in the Legislative Assembly. This is a significant step toward giving terminally ill people in WA the right to access a peaceful death at a time of their choosing if they meet the strict eligibility criteria set out in the Bill.

The debate in the Legislative Council will be long and intense, and the vote will be much closer.

We want to continue showing Members of the Legislative Council the level of community support that exists, and who the people who support voluntary assisted dying are.

For this reason, we’re collecting stories and photographs of hundreds of health practitioners, who know first-hand how hard dying can be. There will also be stories from others in the community, who have watched a loved one suffer intolerably at the end of life.

These will be printed onto a banner, that will be unfurled outside Parliament House once the debate in the Legislative Council is underway.

Your stories are powerful, and have helped to achieve success in the Lower House. Please add them to our banner, to achieve success in the Upper House too, and make voluntary assisted dying a reality for Western Australians.

To add your story, click here.

Please share this request with any other health professionals you may know.


Having passed the lower house the Bill will now progress to the upper house where the debate will continue in October.

This legislation will be a conscience vote, meaning that MPs may vote according to their consciences rather than according to an official line laid down by their party.

When MPs hear from their constituents on an issue - especially one such as end of life choices that will touch the lives of every one of us - it has the power to influence their vote. In relation to voluntary assisted dying this is true especially if you have a personal experience to share.

We know that this issue is close to the hearts of many in our community, with 88% of Western Australians telling us they are in favour of voluntary assisted dying legislation. However, many people don’t know that this legislation will be drafted and tabled this year. You can help to spread the word by raising awareness in the community and encouraging your friends and family to support the campaign.

Dying with Dignity will be with you every step of the way. We can provide any training and advice you may need to help you take action.

You can download a copy of our 'GET INVOLVED' booklet by clicking on this image.

Now is the time to let MPs know how the wider community feels on this issue. Can we count on you?


Did you know that there are seven Members of State Parliament who represent your local area? You have one Legislative Assembly representative and six Legislative Council representatives. The Legislative Council is similar to the Senate in Federal Parliament, and is broken up into six regions as shown in the maps at the bottom of this page.

While the Legislative Assembly will vote on the legislation first we know that it is the members of the Legislative Council who will ultimately determine whether the proposed voluntary assisted dying legislation passes into law. 

Getting in touch with your Legislative Council representatives is an important way you can make an impact.

Members of Parliament receive phone calls from constituents every day. They actively encourage members of the community to get in touch to share their views. So why don’t you take this opportunity to pick up the phone and let them know how you feel?

It can be as simple as saying “Hi, I’m calling to let my local representative know that I support voluntary assisted dying.” You can also share your own personal experience.

Remember they might ask you for your name and contact details. You don’t have to give these if you don’t feel comfortable but your opinion will hold more weight if you identify yourself.


Letters can be powerful, especially if they include your own personal experiences.

Put pen to paper or write an email to tell your Legislative Council representatives why you support voluntary assisted dying.

Although handwritten letters and personal emails are most effective, if you want the quickest way to email your representative you can use an easy online tool at


At the bottom of this page is a map of the regions and a contact list for Members of Parliament.

The priority is to contact your Legislative Council MPs, but you can also find your Legislative Assembly MP by visiting

Please be sure to use a respectful tone whilst explaining your reasons for supporting voluntary assisted dying.


We know that some Members will use all tactics available to delay voluntary assisted dying legislation.

We have already witnessed Members of the Legislative Council use parliamentary tactics to filibuster (debate with the purpose of delaying or preventing a decision being made) other legislation in a bid to delay as much as possible or force the Government to withdraw the legislation.

We can’t let this happen to the voluntary assisted dying legislation.

We need to encourage Opposition Leader Liza Harvey to allow debate on this important legislation to take place unimpeded and without delay.

Please contact the Opposition Leader and show your support for:

  • A respectful debate; and
  • The legislation to be voted on without delaying tactics.

You can contact the Opposition Leader at, or you can call the Opposition Leader’s Office on 9222 7351.


You’ve already written to your local Members of Parliament or spoken to them on the phone, so you know what you want to say.

Why not get your message out to a broader audience and encourage listeners to contact their MPs too?


All change starts locally. Where better to spread the word than in your local community newspaper? 

We know Members of Parliament take an interest in the content of their local newspapers and your letter can have a significant impact.

Your letter also has the power to encourage others to take action.

We also encourage you to write to The West Australian and The Sunday Times.

At the bottom of this page are the contact details for newspapers in our high priority areas, as well as the state-wide newspapers.


You might have already seen us at a community stall. Maybe that’s how you got involved.

Volunteering your time to help us at a community stall is a valuable contribution. By being present in the community, we can talk to other supporters about how to get involved, and raise the profile of our campaign by being visible. As the campaign intensifies we’ll be running even more stalls.

Get in touch with our community campaign coordinator and let him know when you’re available to help out: or phone 0437 902 710.


Members of Parliament aren’t the only people we need to call. Dying with Dignity WA has thousands of supporters, and we need your help to get in touch with them and encourage them to take action, just like you have.

Our phone sessions are run at various times throughout the week. At your first phone session one of our volunteer leaders will provide you with all of the training and information you need to get started. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Get in touch with our field organiser and let him know when you’re available to help out: or phone 0437 902 710.


There is nothing more powerful than a one on one conversation with someone you know.

Help us spread the word: this issue is coming up for debate and the time for action is now. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues: tell them what’s going on, encourage them to step up, to contact their Members of Parliament or to volunteer with you.

You can also spread the word on social media. Share your story alongside a photo for the most powerful impact. If you don’t have any photos, you can take one holding the sign on the back cover of this booklet.



North Metropolitan Region
For the full map visit

Hon Peter Collier MLC
08 9203 9588

Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC
08 9344 1686

Hon Michael Mischin MLC
08 9301 1896

Hon Martin Pritchard MLC
08 9201 0582

Hon Tjorn Sibma MLC
08 9440 4422

Hon Alison Xamon MLC
08 9388 3955

East Metropolitan Region
For the full map visit

Hon Tim Clifford MLC
08 9274 8484

Hon Alanna Clohesy MLC
08 9272 1718

Hon Donna Faragher MLC
08 9379 0840

Hon Samantha Rowe MLC
08 9477 3855

Hon Charles Smith MLC
08 9250 7901

Hon Matthew Swinbourn MLC
08 9452 8311

South Metropolitan Region
For the full map visit

Hon Kate Doust MLC
08 9470 3511

Hon Sue Ellery MLC
08 9312 1566

Hon Nick Goiran MLC
08 9398 3800

Hon Simon O’Brien MLC
08 9364 4277

Hon Aaron Stonehouse MLC
08 9226 3550

Hon Pierre Yang MLC
08 9337 9176

South West Region
For the full map visit

Hon Diane Evers MLC
08 9486 8070

Hon Adele Farina MLC
08 9721 1165

Hon Colin Holt MLC
08 9724 1181

Hon Sally Talbot MLC
08 9725 3711

Hon Steve Thomas MLC
08 9757 9555

Hon Colin Tincknell MLC
08 9486 8106

Agricultural Region
For the full map visit

Hon Martin Aldridge MLC
08 9576 0141

Hon Jim Chown MLC
08 9481 0082

Hon Colin de Grussa MLC
08 9921 4818

Hon Laurie Graham MLC
08 9621 1999

Hon Rick Mazza MLC
08 9481 6070

Hon Darren West MLC
08 9964 1001

Mining and Pastoral Region
For the full map visit

Hon Ken Baston MLC
08 9193 7044

Hon Jacqui Boydell MLC
08 9144 4187

Hon Robin Chapple MLC
08 9486 8255

Hon Stephen Dawson MLC
08 9172 2648

Hon Kyle McGinn MLC
08 9022 7003

Hon Robin Scott MLC
08 9093 1455


Letters to the Editor

If you need assistance finding your local paper’s letters-to-editor address details or if you would like someone to read over your letter before you send it, get in touch: email or phone 0408 000 058.

The West Australian                    

The Sunday Times                       

The Australian                            

Southern Gazette                       

Stirling Times                             

Wanneroo Times                        

Weekend Courier                       

Manjimup-Bridgetown Times      

The Advocate (Swan Valley region)

Canning Times                            

The Senior                                  

Avon Valley Advocate                 

Bunbury Mail                              

Esperance Express                      

Mandurah Mail                           

Augusta-Margaret River Times    

Busselton-Dunsborough Times    

The Examiner                             

Great Southern Weekender        

Halls Creek Herald                      

Harvey Reporter                         

Sound Telegraph                        

South West Times                       

Busselton-Dunsborough Mail      

Fremantle Gazette                     

Guardian Express                        

Melville Times                            


Talkback Radio

If you hear voluntary assisted dying being discussed on talkback radio and feel comfortable sharing your story, you can reach the relevant radio station with the below contact details.

882 6PR News Talk                    Talkback                       08 9 22 11 882

ABC Radio Perth                        Talkback                       1300 222 720
                                               SMS Line                       0437 922 720


You can download a PDF copy of our 'HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED' booklet by clicking on the image on the right or here.

It contains all the information that has been provided above.