Letters to the editor can serve to set the record straight and draw attention to the fact that supporters of voluntary assisted dying also support more funding and resourcing for palliative care.

Letters should be brief and concise, concentrating on one point only.

Letters should be positive and avoid unduly attacking other letter-writers or opponents of voluntary assisted dying.

If you need assistance drafting your letter to the editor, please contact Dinny on 0408 000 058 or by email to [email protected].


The West Australian

All letters must be SIGNED with the writer’s full name and address (not postal) and, if applicable, telephone number.

Letters to the editor
WA Newspapers
PO Box 1959
Osborne Park DC WA 6916

Fax: 9482 3830

Email: [email protected] (include full address, and telephone number).

Keep them short and keep copies. They may be edited for legal issues, space or clarity.


Sunday Times

Letter to the editor
PO Box 1769
Osborne Park DC WA 6915

Fax: 9482 9040

Email: [email protected]

Letters must be short and may be edited. All letters to be considered for publication must have a name, street address and phone number so their authenticity can be checked. An email address is not sufficient.


Your local paper

Can be found on the letters to editor page. Please contact Dinny on 0408 000 058 or by email to [email protected] if you need assistance finding your local paper’s letters-to-editor address details.